Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied patients.  We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care.

"In the fall of 2006, my optometrist informed me that it was time for my cataracts to be removed, and she recommended Dr. Yee. An appointment was set up, and Dr. Yee reaffirmed the diagnosis. She explained that I was a candidate for a new lens that was available where a patient had a greater chance of not needing to wear glasses after surgery. I could even decide whether I would like to have most of my improvement in my near or far vision. The length of the surgery and the recuperation would be the same as having the normal cataract surgery. I had been wearing glasses from morning to night for years and the possibility of not needing to wear glasses was intriguing. I pondered the extra cost of the ReSTOR® lenses and decided in favor of the newer replacements. In November the cataract in my right eye was removed; a ReSTOR® lens was implanted. I was awake during the procedure, which only took about fifteen minutes. Immediately everything seemed brighter and that evening I was reading the newspaper without glasses. Improvement in both my near and far vision had been achieved. A similar procedure was performed on my left eye in December. As a teenager I was diagnosed with Ambliopia (Lazy Eye) in my left eye. The successful improvement in that eye far surpassed what Dr. Yee and I had hoped.

Shopping at Christmas without glasses was much more pleasant without focusing my trifocals to read sizes and price tags. I don't miss glasses, which fogged up or slipped in the heat. At first it was odd seeing myself in the mirror without glasses, but I have learned to appreciate a younger person looking back at me."

-Marion Young
October 16, 2007

"In the summer of 2007, I noticed my eye sight deteriorating when I would read. My Optometrist had told me several years ago that I had the start of cataracts in the corners of my eyes. In the fall of 2007, a family member recommended Dr. Yee.

Dr. Yee examined my eyes and told me I had cataracts that were ready to be removed. She explained that there were two different types of lenses available for my eyes. After much consideration and Dr. Yee's recommendation, I decided on the ReSTOR® lenses. I really wanted to have the benefit of not wearing glasses and I was willing to take the chance and pay the extra costs.

The surgery took approximately 20 minutes and was painless. I was awake during the whole procedure and was very comfortable and relaxed due to Dr. Yee and her staff making me feel at ease. My husband was very surprised to see me after surgery, because my eye looked like it had nothing done to it. My eye was not blood shot and I felt great!

I would like to thank Dr. Yee for recommending the ReSTOR® lenses, I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes and do not need to wear glasses."

-Patricia Naftzger

"After being informed that I had cataracts, I started doing research on cataracts and discovered a new lens implant available called ReSTOR® lens. I made an appointment with Dr. Yee, after talking to a friend of mine who was a patient of Dr. Yee's. Dr. Yee explained that by having ReSTOR® lens implants, I may not need to wear reading glasses at all. Also, as an infant I was diagnosed with Ambliopia (Lazy Eye) in my left eye. Having a ReSTOR® lens implant could possibly give me better near and far vision in my left eye. The procedure and recovery time would be the same as having the normal cataract surgery. ReSTOR® lenses cost extra but I felt that if I had the chance to improve my vision it would be worth it.

Since having the ReSTOR® lenses implanted, I have not used glasses at all. After wearing reading glasses for years, it is amazing that I now can read fine print without glasses. Also, the sight in my left eye is greatly improved.

I would recommend ReSTOR® lenses to anyone considering cataract surgery. Many thanks to Dr. Yee who is a fine and caring doctor."

Beverly McGurk

"My Optometrist told me I needed to have my cataracts removed which I was almost sure because I was having difficulty reading road signs with glasses.

My Daughter had a cataract removed from one eye a few months previously by Dr. Yee and she recommended I go to her. When I was examined by Dr. Yee she told me I was a good candidate for the new lens that was available where a patient might not have to wear glasses after surgery. There was no difference in the length of time or the recuperation from the normal cataract surgery. It was an extra cost for the ReSTOR® lens but when I thought of not having to wear glasses, which I wore for almost 35 years, I decided to go for the newer replacement.

In November 2006, I had my left eye done. Two weeks later the right one. A day after the surgery everything looked so much brighter and my reading is good. In six months the reading even improved more. It's nice when I go shopping and can read price tags. I don't have glasses that fog up in the winter when you go out in the cold. There are so many advantages of not having to wear glasses and if anyone was wondering about getting the ReSTOR® lenses I would say do it. You don't be sorry only happy with the results."

Betty Cassell
November, 2007

"I have worn glasses and/or contacts for over 35 years. Every two years I would faithfully make an eye doctor’s appointment and find out that my eyes were getting worse but that it could be taken care of with a stronger prescription. Finally, 2 years ago, my eye doctor talked to me about lasic surgery and asked if I would be interested in it. I said yes and an appointment was made. I was quite disappointed to find that my corneas were too thin to make the operation successful, so I resigned myself to the fact that I would wear corrective lenses for the rest of my life. That all changed with my most current visit to the eye doctor. He explained to me about the ReStor Lens Procedure and got me in contact with Dr. Yee. After a short battery of tests, it was determined I was a candidate for surgery. The total surgery itself only took 20 minutes. I had my right eye done on July 17 and my left eye done on July 24. She even was able to correct the stigmatism in my left eye! I could see much better immediately after the surgeries and as time went on my vision became even sharper. Now, one month later, I have 20-20 vision in both eyes. It is wonderful to get up in the morning and see the clock across the room. I would strongly recommend the procedure to anyone. Dr. Yee’s abilities are amazing!"

Michael J. Lawrence - 8/19/08